Thursday was another lovely day for data enthusiasts! Here is an update about #DSADay18.

SAS Data Science & Analytics Day

Another big event with over 1000 visitors and great speakers. For inspiration and to challenge the ‘Analytics Economy’ with new possibilities, trends in Data Science and Artifical Intelligence. SAS facilitated a full program with use cases, interactive sessions with innovative applications, talks of the geeks, an escape room, and various spectacular keynote speakers! We tried to combine all of this in one after-movie. Check it out!

Data Donderdag Meetup

In the evening, the whole circus moved to Amsterdam. At the Heineken Experience the 22nd edition of the  Data Donderdag meetup took place. During this edition, the following speakers took center stage: Nelli Gofman (Heineken), Stefan van Heukelum (KLM) and Kicky van Leeuwen (GoDataDriven/UMCG).