Litter, asset, and building management are among the most important issues for Amsterdam’s citizens.

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ddsw-udo kock - AmsterdamAlderman Udo Kock (Economic affairs): “We’re only at the start of the use of image recognition in, for example, keeping the city clean. If we can recognize waste on the streets with the help of cameras, we can clean it up before the people of Amsterdam are bothered by it. During Dutch Data Science Week, we hope that data scientists will develop solutions with our open data, in which man and machine can work together to benefit the people of Amsterdam without violating their privacy”.

Did you know that the whole city of Amsterdam is openly available as high-resolution panoramic images? This has inspired some companies to improve their own image recognition tools. The opportunities are endless. In the US for example, researchers have tracked gentrification. In this hackathon, we aim to explore image recognition techniques, in order to track urban developments the city government should respond to. We will use

  • Neighborhood developments (gentrification)
  • Civic reporting (meldingen)
  • Asset management

During this two day hackathon, we will use data of the city of Amsterdam and other available open data. We aim to get insights so Amsterdam can grow to become more of a responsive city. Image recognition is used to spot what the local government should do to make Amsterdam’s residents happier.

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