FridAI – Dutch Data Science Week

On the Friday of Dutch Data Science Week 2019 (June 7th), there will be a roster of panels and presentations on the topic of ‘The Future of AI’. Presenters will explore the topics of ethics, education, fairness, and more.


The day kicks off with a presentation on Fairness, Bias and Ethics in AI. Stijn Tonk is Chief Strategy and Innovation at GoDataDriven with a track record in data science consultancy for enterprise organizations. He will share insights and trends on creating fair models.

Advanced Analytics at Scale

After this, Doron Reuter from ING Bank Wholesale Banking shares experiences with establishing advanced analytics at scale in an enterprise environment.

AI in Healthcare

From finance, we will move to healthcare. Kicky van Leeuwen and Ivo Everts share the latest trends and development in the application of AI in healthcare.

Future of Education

After lunch, the program continues with a lightning talk by Adé Mochtar from Instruqt.  He’ll be discussing the general mood in the tech community in the face of keeping up with the accelerating rate of innovation. He will also go through the preliminary results of our knowledge transfer and learning survey.

After this quick talk, we will dive deep into the future of education, with Mieke Nan (Programme Manager ING International Talent Programme), Youssef el Bouhassani (National Lecturer of the Year, HvA) and Giovanni Lanzani (Director of Learning and Development at GoDataDriven).

Cloud Machine Learning

Next up is machine learning in the cloud. How can we deploy and use cloud machine learning services to easily develop applications with unlimited scale? Marloes Joosten, voice technology trainer, will talk about conversational interfaces, Diederik Greveling, data scientist, will talk about AWS Sagemaker and the autonomous driving Deep Racer.

What’s next in AI?

The program concludes with a presentation from Marco van der Werf from Bit Students, who will talk about the latest novelties in AI, specifically in predictive applications and conversational tools.

Friday, 7th June

9:30-17:30 FridAI Conference [Amsterdam] : Get Tickets

Full Program for FridAI – The Future of AI
9:30 Welcome
9:40 Fairness in AI with Henk Griffioen
10:25 Journey to KLM with Pim Hoeven
10:35 Scaling Your Enterprise Advanced Analytics Organization with Doron Reuter, ING WBAA
11:15 Break
11:30 AI and Healthcare with Ivo Everts and Kicky van Leeuwen
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Lightning Talk – Future of learning in tech with Adé Mochtar (Instruqt)
13:10 Future of Education Panel with Mieke Nan (ING), Youssef el Bouhassani (Hogeschool van Amsterdam), Giovanni Lanzani (GoDataDriven)
15:00 Break
15:15 Cloud Machine Learning with Marloes Joosten & Mike Woudenberg (Xebia) and Diederik Greveling (GoDataDriven)
16:20 What’s Next in AI with Marco van der Werf (Bit Students)
17:20 Closing Drinks & Networking